This was not my brightest idea…

If you have been following me for a while, you may know that at the beginning of the year I crashed my phantom. I say crashed, but what I mean is it literally switched off while 20m in the air. Crazy, I know! It was my fault though because I didn’t take my own advice of making sure my batteries were sufficiently warm enough before taking flight, and as a result, the cold weather caused the battery to glitch for 2 seconds and my drone plummeted to the ground.

So naturally, I decided to take my drone on what was the coldest day of last week 😅. It was 4 degrees Celsius. This time though I kept my batteries warm in the car until I absolutely had to get out. I still didn’t really want to try my luck too much so I kept my flight as short as possible but still managed to get some pretty nice footage of Lough Neagh at sunset.


Don’t forget you can find me on all social medias @litlemissdrone


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