What is a drone?

That strange, loud buzzing you hear above may not, in fact, be a bee or a wasp it’s probably a drone. But what is a drone you ask? Well here’s the dictionary.com definition:

But that doesn’t quite make drones sound half as exciting as they actually are.

The term ‘Drone’ that we’ve all become accustomed to using, originated in the military and referred to any and all unmanned aerial vehicles with a pre-programmed flight path. Nowadays we use the term to describe the very expensive military drones and the relatively cheap tiny nano drones. The truth of the matter is if it’s is unmanned and human controlled, chances are people refer to it as a drone.

The most popular consumer drones on the market are quadcopters. If you aren’t quite sure what a consumer drone is – check out my blog post here to learn a little more.Quadcopters are piloted by a remote control – most of which have the ability to allow you to connect your phone or tablet and see what the camera sees. By the way, did I mention that most quadcopters now have cameras attached? That’s right, quadcopters allow you to take amazing aerial footage that you would not otherwise be able to see. The more high-end quadcopters make use of gimbals to ensure that the footage and images you do take are as stable as possible.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Not only are drones used for photography and videography, they are used for racing. Yeah, there are specially designed drones that pilot use to compete in FPV events. FPV stands for first person view, the pilots wear special goggles that allow them to see what the camera on the drone sees and they manoeuvre the drone up, over, under, below and around a number of obstacles at very high speeds. 


Drones are also starting to make their appearance in other industries as well. For example, in the Agriculture industry, drones can be used to carry out surveys of large fields efficiently and effectively without the need to send a huge number of people out to carry out the survey wasting valuable hours and manpower. Images can be taken of the land and when cross-referenced with algorithms such as the NDVI algorithm allowing farmers and landowners to measure healthy plant growth over a period of time.


Check out this blog post on Dronethusiast to see 3 other industries where drones are being used in cool ways.


Now that you know what a drone is – shop around and find the best one for you and have some fun with it! But remember that there are some rules to keep in mind when flying. Check them out here


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