Happy Work Birthday to Me!

I’ve been working with Flyte for a year! A full year. 365 days. That is a long time 😮
And it’s amazing to look back and see how far I’ve come since graduating a year and a half ago.

On Monday 12th September 2016, I started my first proper big girl job here at Flyte and what a year it’s been! Starting out as a front-end developer and branching out and starting this blog has allowed me to expand and broaden my horizons and garner new skills that I didn’t think I had before. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the learning opportunities that have come my way and couldn’t be more excited for those that will come in the future.

Before starting here, I was nervous about the fact that I was entering a predominantly male dominated field and uncertain about whether I would even be able to get a job in this field!

Not this kind of field

But after joining the team, I realised that I could, in fact, make it as a developer and blogger. I had the backing of the guys here at Flyte, mentoring and helping me along the way if I was having difficulty and introducing me to new avenues such as GIS (thanks Matt for getting me hooked on creating interactive maps!) Even pushing me forward and helping promote this blog (thanks Kerr for double-checking all my posts!) And allowing me to ask stupid questions that I probably should know the answers to or even questions that I ask on a daily basis because I have the memory of a goldfish (thanks Andy for reminding me to connect to the VPN).

Despite being the only female on the team, I don’t feel out of place or like I’m being judged for being here. I just feel like one of the team and that is exactly what I want in a company. To be treated the same of everyone else and to just fit in.


So Happy Work Birthday to Me!

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