Top 5 places to fly in Northern Ireland

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With all the rules and regulations surrounding drone flight, we thought we’d help you find some places to fly your drones, both recreationally and commercially with as little hassle as possible surrounding those rules and regulations.

It’s a little-known fact that the National Trust strictly prohibits drone flights in its areas which made finding the best places to fly in Northern Ireland a little bit more tricky. The likes of Downhill Dumesne and Mussendun Temple are stunningly beautiful and would make for great aerial shots but both are National Trust are off limits to drones. The reason for this, according to the trust’s website, is that many of the areas have animals and other wildlife that could be disturbed by the usage of drones. For more information, check out the National Trust website

With that in mind, here are our top 5 places to fly drones in Northern Ireland:


1. An Creagan

Located in the foothills of the Sperrin Mountains between Cookstown and Omagh, An creagan is the perfect spot to go flying for a day.  An creagan boasts numerous trails and walks and is within 10 minutes from Davagh mountain bike trail where you can get fanastic aerial views of the mountain bikers as the make there way down davagh mountain.


2. Whiterocks Beach, Portrush

In 2015 Whiterocks beach was awarded the Blue Flag Award and is a tourist hot spot during the summer months. Known as a hotspot for surfers year round, it is the perfect place to get some beautiful aerial shots.


3. The North Coast

This is quite a large area and dotted throughout the North Coast there are numerous National Trust areas and several areas that you cannot fly in. But as you can see from the video (embed to the right) there are plenty of beautiful scenic areas around to get the perfect shot.


4. Eagles Rock

Moneyneena – Found in Moydamlaght Forest, outside Draperstown. The forest trails lead you right to the top of Eagles rock to provide stunning views of the surrounding picturesque countryside.


5. Drum Manor Forest Park, Cookstown

Drum Manor is located just outside Cookstown and is known for it’s Manor house and ponds and is popular among wedding photographers.


While all these areas are not National Trust and don’t have Airspace restrictions, common sense does still apply and in certain cases, you may need to ask the landowners permission to take-off and land on their property

Have we missed any of your favourite places to fly? Let us know.


*This post initially appeared on *




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