Review of DJI Phantom 3 Standard

If you have read the about section of this blog you may already know that I fly a Phantom 3 Standard. If you haven’t read the about section of this blog, I fly a Phantom 3 Standard.

I found an interest in aerial photography and videography after following Youtubers and content creators who used drones to capture incredible aerial shots. These gave a whole new perspective to the subjects they were shooting. Another deciding factor, was the dronestagram tag on Instagram, It is filled with beautiful, creative shots and coming from a photography background, I had to get in on the action.

Being a recent university graduate, I did not have a lot of money when I decided I needed a drone – this became a major factor when deciding which drone to buy. From watching Youtubers talking about how they got the shots and what equipment they used, it became clear that the main player in the drone hardware game was, and still is DJI, with some other reputable companies certainly worth consideration such as  Yuneec  and Parrot. After some more googling, review reading and youtube videos. It became clear that I could not go wrong with the Phantom 3 Standard.

From here I primarily watched videos on Vimeo and Youtube to get an idea of the camera quality was like. I’m not going to lie, I’m not someone who immediately goes and reads the technical specifications of tech items, I prefer seeing the actual item being used in comparison with others to gauge whether or not it is something I could see myself using. I did eventually go and look at the technical specifications as well as the prices of each individual drone.

The Phantom 3 Standard was the best choice for me at the time, it was a reasonable price and has a good quality camera.The main reason for me wanting a drone was to use it to take photos so having a good quality camera was a priority.

The camera shoots 2.7k video, and shoots 12 megapixel photos. For the price of £400 this drone was perfect for me.

The controller for the phantom is also really simple to use – there are no frills, or fancy switches that you don’t need.It’s a simplistic remote control with only the necessities.


Another thing I like about the Phantom series of drones it that you get different coloured stickers to personalise your drone. While stickers are obviously  not the unique selling point of the drone, they are a nice little touch that DJI offer.

While I’m really happy with the drone I have and I enjoy flying it, In the future I can see myself upgrading to the newly released DJI Mavic Pro for the simple reason of it being smaller and more portable than my Phantom 3.The Mavic pro could realistically fit in my camera bag with all my other gear – which means I could take it on more photography excursions.

Do you have a DJI drone or perhaps you own a Yuneec or Parrot drone? Let me know in the comments below or find me on all social media @littlemissdrone.

If you have read the about section of this blog you may already know that I fly a Phantom 3 Standard. If you haven’t read the about section of this blog, I fly a Phantom 3 Standard.

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